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If you have a  situation where you want to represent yourself, pro per, I can offer telephone consultation for 90 days at a flat fee of $450.  I will not represent you, nor will I appear on your behalf, but I will provide my familiarity with misdemeanor court procedures, and Prosecutorial procedures, to allow you to represent yourself with some knowledge of what you are facing.  I would not file a Notice of Appearance to the Court or the Prosecutor, or represent you, however I would review your citation, police report, and any audio or visual recordings of the events that you can obtain from the Prosecutor or the Police Agency.  I can give you guidance on requesting discovery of those items, and I can review your police report to determine any viable defense you might have.

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Melvin Anderson receives an award IN 2016 for pro bono services to legal aid
​​$1,850 Misdemeanors & DUI Flat Fee 

Experienced sole practitioner offering flat fees for misdemeanor cases.

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The criminal justice system will intimidate and overwhelm anyone – I am here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need.  Never go into an Arizona Criminal Court without your own Lawyer.  If you do, the chances are you will end up with a bad deal.

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Free DUI Audio - Click on the link for the first part of a three part DUI Audio indicating the law and consequences of your first DUI.  Call me to order the complete  CD audio presentation for a step by step guide down the procedural and legal road for the Pro Per defendant who wants to represent themselves.  Cost $100.

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