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​​$1,850 Misdemeanors & DUI Flat Fee 

Resources and what we will do for you:

The Law Offices of Melvin Anderson will not represent any client where the Office cannot provide competent and informed consultation.  Oftentimes extensive research and study is required to respond to your particular legal issue.

Legal Issues are oftentimes time counsuming and can become expensive.  The Law Office of Melvin Anderson understands and provides a flat fee or economical hourly rate that will allow the Client to respond fully to any claim.  As a sole practitioner, I operate without a staff or rental office space, and can provide a focus on the law and the facts of your case at an economical and below market rates.

I will appear for you in court, obtain discovery from the prosecutor, analyze the police report and other information from the arresting agency, determine the strength or weakness of the prosecutor's case, draft and file appropriate legal motions when necessary, conduct pretrial negotiations with the prosecutor in an attempt to obtain a reasonable settlement, provide ongoing communication with the client, and if necessary and for an additional fee, conduct a trial on behalf of the client.

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